Ashley and Manny

Ashley and Manny

I have a 14 month old Golden Retriever named Manny. Before coming to Linda, Manny didn’t listen, jumped up and would bite. I previously went to a dog school where the trainer was not respectful to myself and Manny. One day while I was walking Manny, I met a couple who told me all about Tri-Mark and how nice everyone was and that they would help Manny and his problems. The next day I called Linda and dropped in to see her and sign up for Level 1. As the weeks went by Manny become a lot happier and enjoyed being a dog like he should. We even started going to the dog parks and going for long walks. Before we started classes he would jump up and I could not even get him past 5 houses on my street. That started to change very fast.

After we passed Level 1 he was the best dog, and when we went on with Level 2 he was a different dog all together.  I was so very pleased. With having a new puppy it was very stressful but with going to the classes, there was no more stress in my life. With the summer coming up, I wanted to continue training with Linda and Robert. We just started Rally. It’s a lot of fun for you and your dog.  Manny’s behaviour in these last 8 months has done a 180 and I can not say enough that it was all because of the support and understanding from Linda and Robert. From the first night until today, they have always been there to help. Manny is now my best friend and we can go on walks together, play in the back yard, etc. He is now part of the family like a dog should be.

Thank you Linda and Robert for everything, it means a lot to have such nice people wanting to help others. I will be back for Level 3. And for anyone else, Tri-Mark Canine Services is hands down the best place to bring your dog !!!

See you soon!!!!