Jan and Jazzy

Trimark Canine ServicesJazzy and I have successfully taken multiple classes at TriMark –  Levels 1 through 5, as well as Novice and Advanced Rally Obedience.  Jazzy is a 6.5 lb. Maltese and was often the only small dog in the class.  Many small dog owners do not take advanced training with their dogs as they feel it is not necessary.  However, the classes that I have taken with Jazzy have resulted in a “take anywhere” dog who is a joy to live with.  We are Snowbirds who spend winters in Florida and Jazzy flies back and forth with us each Fall and Spring.  He is the perfect little traveler – spending 5 to 6  hours in his flight bag – and not a peep out of him.  While we were in Florida last winter, he passed his AKC Canine Good Citizen test with flying colours.  Also while there, I became interested in Therapy Pet work and had Jazzy certified through the Florida-based Share-A-Pet program.   The certification test is like an advanced obedience test with some additions like staying calm during  sudden  noises and tolerating rough petting.  Again, Jazzy aced the test.  We volunteered at an Alzheimer’s facility in Florida and this summer have been making weekly visits to a retirement home in Mississauga.  Jazzy knows lots of tricks and is a huge hit with the seniors.  He is a funny, smart and very engaging little dog who loves to please.  Everywhere we go with Jazzy people comment on his good behavior and calm demeanour.  He is so much fun to travel with that we don’t go anywhere unless we can take him with us.

I feel that Jazzy and I were able to achieve all of this due to the wonderful training we both received at TriMark.  Linda and Leo are  experts in their field.  They have endless patience, especially with the owners who often have more trouble than the dogs learning a new command.  Training Jazzy was not without its trials as he  developed a noise phobia after a particularly bad thunderstorm in Florida.  The phobia started to develop into general fear of any sudden noise.  At one point in Level 2, Jazzy was even afraid to come to TriMark’s location.  With coaching from Linda, we developed methods to get Jazzy through his fears and he was soon happy again to come to class.  Although he is still a little uneasy during thunderstorms, he now just looks at me for reassurance (and perhaps a treat) when he hears a loud noise and remains calm.

I highly recommend TriMark to other dog owners, especially those with small dogs.  By training your small dog you will have a well behaved pet who is welcome anywhere.  Thank you Linda and Leo for sharing your expertise with Jazzy and me!