Lydia Wedlock and Olive

Trimark Canine ServicesClicker training at Tri-Mark Canine Services turned my dog Olive and I into a happy, successful team.  Prior to using a clicker we struggled but once I was introduced to the concept, training was easy and more fun for Olive.  It is a method that brings consistency to training and removes the highs and lows of your voice.  Within one week we caught up to the class, graduated in second place and moved on to Rally training.  Olive is now enthusiastic and it increased my bonding with her.  My daughter had been away and commented on how different Olive was.  She said, “Actually Mom, you have changed!”  True, it is a great tool and I highly recommend it.

Thank you also to Linda and Leo for an enjoyable Rally course – it was a good fit after our introductory obedience.  It kept us working on the basics in a fun atmosphere.  You both have great patience and tolerance for both the handlers and dogs and you are clearly passionate and devoted to your work.  We will continue with our training in the Fall and look forward to it.