Deb Ross

Sam, Barley, Kelly, Brett and in memory of Penny, Molly and Talon In 1992 my husband and I bought our first Springer Spaniel, Molly. We brought her home at 6 months of age in September of that year. Neither of us knew a lot about dog training – OK anything. We had done all the(…)

Amanda and Strider

I have been recommending Tri Mark for over 15 years to clients and have had too many compliments to count on how fantastic the program is. I have found a new joy with my dog since starting at Tri Mark. They have helped make him a wonderful member of my family. Linda and Leo’s approach(…)

Cheryl Ovas & Miniature Australian Shepherds Kodi and Alli

It is so hard to put into words how great Linda has been with our dogs. Linda and her associates just have this warmth and tenderness that dogs relate to. It makes training our dogs a much more pleasant experience. Our dogs learn faster now and are eager to please us. Linda is not only(…)

Michele Martin and Standard Poodle Marigot

I would just like to thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge with my family and new puppy, Marigot. As you know, this is the second dog I have trained through you and both times I have been able to raise happy, loving and well behaved pets. I receive many compliments on Marigot’s behaviour(…)

Susan O’Dowd and Bernese Mountain Dog Bear

My 85 pound, 11 month old puppy “Bear” and I commenced Level One training with Linda and Leo at Trimark Canine Services in December of 2006. We had completed Level One training with another dog training school and were having problems applying our learning on a daily basis. We started our first few sessions at(…)

Debbie Crossling-Barker

Jeff and I were at Erindale Park on Friday evening, walking Panda off-leash (yes… I know!!!). She and I go most mornings, so it’s a routine thing for me to call her to ‘come’, ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ whenever anyone goes past. Well, this other couple were jogging and Panda and I did our usual ‘obedience(…)

Lydia Wedlock and Olive

Clicker training at Tri-Mark Canine Services turned my dog Olive and I into a happy, successful team.  Prior to using a clicker we struggled but once I was introduced to the concept, training was easy and more fun for Olive.  It is a method that brings consistency to training and removes the highs and lows(…)

Jan and Jazzy

Jazzy and I have successfully taken multiple classes at TriMark –  Levels 1 through 5, as well as Novice and Advanced Rally Obedience.  Jazzy is a 6.5 lb. Maltese and was often the only small dog in the class.  Many small dog owners do not take advanced training with their dogs as they feel it(…)

Monica and Toby

Obedience Training Not only is a well behaved and obedient dog a pleasure to have as a pet, but it is a must if they will be performing in obedience, agility, field tests and dog shows. Toby’s obedience training is being done by Linda Webb of Tri-mark Canine Services. Toby, at 9 months old, already has 5 points towards his show championship title and(…)

Paul Cummings and Murphy

Level 1 of Positive Reinforcement Dog Training is very important to complete when bringing a new dog into your home. Every dog has a different personality.  In light of this fact it is also just as important to repeat this training with each additional dog you acquire so that you will have professional input regarding how(…)

Ashley and Manny

Ashley and Manny

I have a 14 month old Golden Retriever named Manny. Before coming to Linda, Manny didn’t listen, jumped up and would bite. I previously went to a dog school where the trainer was not respectful to myself and Manny. One day while I was walking Manny, I met a couple who told me all about(…)

Mari-Anne, Carl, and Miles McCleary

Mari-Anne, Carl, and Miles McCleary

Carl and I would like to thank you and Robert for the wonderful experience we had at Tri-Mark.  Last night, Miles graduated from Level II and we are very pleased with the great companion dog he has become.   Your dedication and love for dogs is amazing! Last night as I watched the other dogs and handlers(…)