Deb Ross

Trimark Canine ServicesSam, Barley, Kelly, Brett and in memory of Penny, Molly and Talon

In 1992 my husband and I bought our first Springer Spaniel, Molly. We brought her home at 6 months of age in September of that year. Neither of us knew a lot about dog training – OK anything. We had done all the preliminary work in selecting a dog – reading books, going to dog shows and talking to people to determine what breed was right for us. All of the research does not prepare you for what your breed will really be like, and for the training of that dog.

My Mom and Dad had purchased a Bearded Collie the year before, and had Trimark recommended to them as a training school through their veterinarian. I was delighted with my Mom’s and Dad’s dog, so I gave Trimark a call.

Molly and I started our 9 week course in Level 1 in the Fall of 1992. When I began training Molly I had no idea of the journey in store for me.

Molly did very well and I decided to continue on to the next level. By the time I had reached Level 3 with Molly we had purchased another Springer Spaniel pup, Talon.

I will say that Molly was anything but an easy pup. Linda, the owner of Trimark spent extra time consulting with me on some issues that I was having. Molly had been allowed to run free on a country property prior to my purchasing her at 6 months. Therefore, transferring her obedience school training to real life presented some challenges. With the help of Trimark, we gained the love and trust of a wonderful well-behaved dog that we had for over 15 years.

After my second dog Talon arrived the pack seemed to multiply. Every other dog after Tali was either a rehome or a rescue.

Until the Fall of this year, when I lost Molly and Tali to old age, I had six dogs in the house. I know that this sounds restrictive, but we were able to travel far and wide with them and were even grandfathered at hotels that no longer accepted pets. The reason was they were so well behaved.

The rehomes and the rescues came with challenges that had to be overcome. With each one of them we took our obedience classes through Trimark. Linda helped me on my journey, as I sought to better understand dog behaviour and make my new additions good canine citizens. All of my dogs have gone through multiple levels of obedience with Linda.

She brings a special gift to dog training. Linda understands that clear parameters must be put in place for new inexperienced dog owners, but she provides the opportunity to go well beyond basic obedience and build a strong and lasting relationship based on fun and trust with your dogs.

I will add that Trimark is not just around the corner from me. When I was taking Molly to Level 1, I lived in Collingwood, and for all subsequent dog training I have lived in Niagara. This means that I have a 1 ½ hour drive both directions.

I have never opted to enter dog obedience matches. Obedience for me has been a matter of working together on a long term lasting relationship.

Thanks Trimark for teaching me so much, and for helping 5 of my dogs, who would have been unlikely to make it in other environments, to have a great life.