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Amanda and Strider

I have been recommending Tri Mark for over 15 years to clients and have had too many compliments to count on how fantastic the program is. I have found a new joy with my dog since starting at Tri Mark. They have helped make him a wonderful member of my family. Linda and Leo’s approach(…)

Deb Ross

Sam, Barley, Kelly, Brett and in memory of Penny, Molly and Talon In 1992 my husband and I bought our first Springer Spaniel, Molly. We brought her home at 6 months of age in September of that year. Neither of us knew a lot about dog training – OK anything. We had done all the(…)

What happens at the cottage doesn’t always stay at the cottage

I never imagined I would become a blogger but what a great way to express my thoughts and yes, they are strictly my opinion. In classes I often discuss not having “cottage rules” versus “city rules” or should I say “city rules” and “what happens at the cottage doesn’t always stay at the cottage.”  Although(…)