Robert Clendenning

Robert Clendenning

Robert’s love of dogs was apparent at a very young age, when his favorite game was walking around the house using a pillow as his puppy and his Dad’s belt as a leash and collar.  Later, he could be found on the sidewalk outside his home training the family’s Sheltie, along with his neighbour’s dog, to sit, stay and come, long before he had heard of obedience.

Robert got his first, (very special) Golden Retriever “Kelsey” in 1975 and joined the Lakeshore Dog Training Association (L.D.T.A.) in Pointe Claire, Quebec, the same year. These events would change his life.

Kelsey taught Robert about the special bond and trust that can develop between a person and their dog.  Robert’s time at L.D.T.A. grew into a passion for training dogs and a desire to help others do the same with their family pet.

Kelsey’s accomplishments were many and included getting his Obedience Trial Championship before he was 2 years old (22 months to be exact).  Robert, supported by dedicated instructors and friends,  earned Kelsey’s Obedience Championship in style by competing in 19 trials and earning 6 first, 7 second and 5 third place finishes,  1 High in Trial and a Dog World Award. Kelsey retired from the obedience ring in 1985 after achieving qualifying scores in every Licensed Obedience trial entered!

During his time at L.D.T.A., Robert served as Training Director and instructed all levels of Obedience. He also served as Obedience Trial Chairman and L.D.T.A. Club President.  In 1987, Robert moved to Toronto, met his wife Cathy and together they competed  in obedience trials until the 2 footed family members arrived.

Robert has owned 6 Golden Retrievers and 1 Rough Collie over the years, including his current Golden Retriever “Cracker”.   At 18 months, Cracker has earned both his Companion Dog and Rally Novice titles. Robert and Cracker continue to have fun while competing in Open, Rally Advanced and Agility.